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The Gifted, the Cursed, and the Wicked (Horror)

Victim's Prisoner (Romance)

The Artist (Serial-killer Thriller)
"The Artist by Holly Vance is tough, erotic, and beguiling, a strong offering from a new voice in fiction. Her Detective, Corey Malone, is at once vulnerable and hard-minded, a worthy opponent for a singularly determined and wicked killer. Puts me in mind of the best of Jeffrey Deaver and James Patterson."--Wendy Hornsby, Edgar Allan Poe Winner of the Maggie MacGowen series.

"In Vance's riveting and detailed thriller, meet Corey Malone, a young detective so committed to a case that she'll play victim to a serial killer to stop his murderous vendetta agains women. Taut with psychological intrigue and sexual excitement, The Artist will keep you awake many nights after you've read it." --Rachelle DeSimone, author of Paulo's Wall.

"Her conviction, fearlessness, and skill sprinkled with vulnerability makes The Artist's Corey Malone one fo the most exciting, real female characters I have encountered in a long time."--Jenny Baranick, FIDM Professor and author of Missed Periods and Other Grammar Scares blog.

"Holly Vance's thriller, The Artist, penetrates the reader with its brilliant plot twists, keen characterizations, and sharp writing. At the risk of sounding cliche, The Artist is a page turner--a novel that makes the reader think long after it is over" -- Melinda Combs, co-author of In Service of the Mouse.

Short Stories

"Rosemary for Remembrance"

"The Basement"
" 'The Basement' is a lurid tale depicting what happens when the line between sex and violence, desire and dominance, is run over roughshod"--Garrett Calcaterra, author of Umbral Visions

Short Nonfiction

"Game Over"

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