The Artist's Inspiration

The Artist Plot Summary: 

Elusive serial killer known as The Artist makes the hunt personal.  He chooses, degrades, and murders women who resemble Detective Corey Malone and then invites Corey to be the first to see his work. When an email to the fourth victim is signed with the birth name Corey had abandoned over a decade before, she realizes The Artist has fixated on her not because of some voyeuristic obsession, but because he knows her secret.  Now, she is not only fighting to save innocent women but also herself.  The longer it takes to catch The Artist, the greater the risk of him exposing her culpability in a murder/suicide from thirteen years ago—the crime that inspires him.

To complicate matters further, The Artist has a partner—one with his own agenda. The accomplice has been leaving clues to help only Corey find The Artist but to do so she must work outside the judicial system, which is fine with her. She’s fed up with obstacles, tired of burying her past, and through with harnessing her rage. Under the guise of submitting to the needs of two psychopaths, Corey engages in a game of lust, envy and revenge which provides the only opportunity to find and kill them both—with impunity.  That is, if the game doesn’t kill her first.

The Music that Inspired The Artist. Click and enjoy.

Eat You Alive by Limp Bizkit
Inside You by Stabbing Westward
From the Inside by Def Leppard
Taking Over Me by Evanescence
Indestructable by Disturbed

The Artist is a Ted Bundy type of serial killer

The First Serial Killer Book I Read

One of My Favorite True Crime Books:

The Real McCoy of FBI Behavioral Profiling 

 John Douglas

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