Sunday, May 18, 2014

Leather of the Corinthians by Tom Lucas

A Corinthian can be a citizen of Corinth, Greece; an architectural style of a column developed in aforementioned city; an alloy used in the design of armor; "a gay licentious man; a man of fashion about town" (OED). Most commonly known, Corinthian is a book in the New Testament written by the apostle Paul which is often quoted in marriage ceremonies.

The latest edition to Corinthian is the novel, Leather of the Corinthians, a satire written by Tom Lucas that Johnathan Swift and Mark Twain would both tip their hats to.

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In the words of Lucas, "I don't write nice genre pieces.  It's a slippery thing I've got going on" and that "the disenfranchised, The 99%, Old Punk Rocker (the DIY crowd), and anyone else who likes to read a good mindbender," would be drawn to his novel.  

He ain't just whistling Dixie.  But Lucas is modest in defining his range of fans because this liberal, left-brained, straight, lover-of-Victorian literature, hair-band disciple had her mind bent, kicked, titillated, and stretched. And she liked it.

Leather of the Corinthians takes place in a Dystopian, capitalistic world where money, media influence, technology, war, religion, egotism, sex, and fast food has erased any semblance of humanity in civilization.

No, it's not a history of the 21st Century.  

It's fiction, yet it's not. Its setting and characters are fantasy, yet they're not.  As far out as this novel may be, there's a realism that is both hilarious and discomforting.  

Leather of the Corinthians involves a war between fast food giants whose casualties stretch beyond the obese; a corporation trying to own everything; a priest seeking fame; a band of nomads trying to enjoy the benefits of a hedonistic society while remaining out of its crosshairs; a lonely man searching for acceptance, sex, endless television and endless snacks; a fugitive king; a video-game addicted general, and a soldier trying to understand it all. Lucas does a masterful job weaving the paths of these characters together using the rhetoric from the toolbox of advertisers and politicians. 

Read it.  You'll laugh, you'll squirm, and you might even start a revolution.  Be sure you eat your Wheaties first and check your sensitivity at the door.

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