Saturday, June 8, 2013

Aberration Blog Hop

To celebrate Lisa Regan's novel Aberration, I am participating in a blog-hop where I list five of my favorite aberrant fictional characters.  

According to the OED, aberrant is subject to or characterized by deviation markedly from the ordinary or natural type, exceptional, irregular; pathological.

Here are some my favorite aberrations:

1.  George Foyet, serial killer dubbed The Reaper, from the Criminal Minds television series.  Whether he is shooting innocent men, stabbing innocent women, bartering with homicide detectives, or stalking FBI agents, as long as he is tearing lives apart, he's happy. 

Iago planting suspicion in Othello's ear
2.  Iago, Shakespeare's villain in Othello, feels justified in destroying a marriage and killing a few desperate soldiers all because he was passed up for a promotion. Or was it because his general, Othello, slept with his wife? Or was it because he loves his general's wife? 

3.  The Capitol of Panem, the dystopian society of the Hunger Games.  Putting my Master's degree in English to work, I consider The Capitol a character, who seems to enjoy glorifying children murdering children all in the name of teaching a hard lesson to the poor and starving while entertaining the privileged at the same time.

4.  Hannibal Lecter is a classic aberration. How many brilliant psychiatrists with refined food and musical tastes also enjoys gutting and eating human beings? And he's so considerate: he stashes away a human in head in case its "owner" might need it again.

5.  This fifth one just came to mind while watching Kill Bill Vol. 1. No, it's not Bill, but Gogo Yubari.  This 17 year-old who dons a private school uniform is the bodyguard to the boss of Japanese organized crime, O-ren Ishii.  When she is not wielding a flail, she is guzzling beer and sinking her sword into any man who propositions her.


  1. Great list, Holly. Choosing The Capitol as a character is quite appropriate. I was quite happy to see Gogo her get hers; I didn't like her one bit.

  2. Oh, Iago! Of course. I nearly put Richard III down, but I think people are sick of my love of all things Shakespeare. :P

  3. I still haven't seen any Kill Bill. But you make a great point about the Capitol being a character all on its own.

  4. just start my reading, i should catch up with you guys!

  5. I think many people picked Hannibal, 'cause he's so lethal. The Capitol, Iago, and Gogo, are good ones. Didn't see them on any blogs...


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